Monday, November 15, 2010

Prize pupil Kyle, trucking along...

Kyle is my longest attending and first art pupil. He has been with me for seven years which has passed by so quickly it seems like a ride in a fast car.

 During this time he has created beautiful mosaics and written and illustrated his own children's book in watercolours and pen and ink.

He has won art awards, been admitted to Rotorua Artists, sold paintings at auctions and has taken part in live demonstrations with me at Art in the Park.

Kyle has contributed to a number of community mosaic projects I have run like paver making, mosaic school murals and mosaic garden features.

He is a very patient and skillful craftsperson and is gifted photo realistic renderer.

Kyle is devoted to art, he draws every day.

His current interest is in drawing and painting large trucks, he also likes to depict people's cars.

He is available to take truck  or car painting commissions in the medium of acrylic on canvas and he can create these from your photo's.

Kyle is always a pleasure to teach, he has lovely manners and is very willing to follow instructions, plus he often comes up with his own ideas ideas and techniques.

Through art and creativity, Kyle's family have become part of my family.

Creativity Quote of the evening.
 Surround yourself with people who respect you and treat you well.
Claudia Black

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Lee said...

Hi Janet,

I came back to see if the workshop renovations had started...
Interesting pictures of er...dead rats. Not my favourite subject. However, they do have a gruesome beauty, I suppose.
Hey, perfect conditions for the Garden and Art Fest, wasn't it? While you were in Tauranga, I was in Rotorua at Whakarewarewa Forest running trails in preparation for an event I am doing next month. There must be some reverse serendipity in that.
Am still behind on my NaNoMo goals, but nevertheless am excited about the progress I'm making. That is until I discover, it's mostly rubbish. I won't worry about that yet as it's in the future, somewhere vague and ethereal.
Have been helping my daughter prepare for her English NCEA Level I exam (her worst subject although she is a terrific little reader). For some reason, when confronted with a poem, her mind goes blank. 'I don't get it!' she wails. 'How am I supposed to know what it's about?' 'Guess,' I reply. 'Look at the words. What do they say?' And she nails it. Still she lacks confidence. 'But, but...' Her excuses for not writing what she believes the poem to be about are highly creative. 'Look,' I tell her, 'Give an example of a technique you see in the poem, tell the examiner how it makes you (the reader) feel and back it up with some good reasons. It's the basis of any critique. And if you can back up your claims, they have to give you a mark because any interpretation of a text is going to be subjective. It depends on what you, the reader, bring to the reading.' I talk until I am blue in the face. She completes a dummy exam, and shows me her answers. They are fine, but she hasn't bothered to write in complete sentences, leaving out full-stops and captial letters and running six sentences into a page of gobbledeegook. Without any other evidence, the examiner is bound to think she is a complete moron. 'Oh Mum, they don't mark your spelling on an unfamiliar text exam.' I ask you? It's an English exam! Things have clearly changed in the 30 years since I sat my first exams.
So creatively, what have I been doing? I have just got a new android phone (yesterday) with a cute little keyboard attached because I am hopeless with touchscreen technology. My fingers are simply too fat and stubby. No fair! I want to write the word 'good', and it comes out like abusive language as seen in Asterix and other comic books. I try again. More abusive language. After several attempts, the abusive language is not simply appearing on screen. My darling husband gives up and buys me the phone with the miniature keyboard with the additional $300 price tag. Thus I have no doubt sent some creative texts to some total strangers yesterday, while coming to grips with my phone. If any of your readers have received one of texts, I apologise. Those phones have a mind of their own. They could probably grill steaks on the BBQ remotely, if I could just manage to find the right button....

Have a lovely day. Lee