Friday, November 26, 2010

What have you been doing creatively? I've been teaching an art class on poster making at the Rotorua Arts Village..come with me on a quick guided tour.

Say no to pokies and gambling in general....spread the word.

Dr Laurie Morrison a professional Psychologist seated with a group of inspired, hard working poster makers.

The subject of the posters is gambling and the proliferation of pokie machines in lower income earning areas. They speak of the damage that addiction to gambling does to families.

Many people  would like to outlaw pokie machines altogether, what do you think about them?

I've never played one. 
 They look  alluring with all their sparkly colours and flashing  lights but the thought of of gambling money away into them is as about as appealing to me as rotten fish.

I sometimes work at the Rotorua Arts Village when I'm not taking my own classes in my studio and in schools and with community organisations.

 I have taught many groups of young Maori before with mosaics, painting and waste to art community projects; they are very gifted artistically and very focused.

This group was no exception.
Their attention to detail, their politeness, willingness to give things a go and happy attitude was lovely.

It was a very pleasant  and productive couple of hours and they taught me some  new Maori words (with correct pronunciation) .
Their supervisor Te Puia Williams had a really positive repore with them; it's great to hear of positive educational programmes that have been set up to potentially at risk young people.

My vote is for smaller classes in schools, more learning  and raising of self esteem through art, music, dance, poetry writing and engaging in relevant interesting activities.

Many of these young people are kinesthetic learners; they learn by doing. Many of them are gifted artistically but these skills are not recognised or valued in schools or by society.

Art making can be used very successfully in healing.

"Many thanks for the awesome support on Wednesday – it was a huge success and the rangatahi got so much out of it". Dr Laurie Morrison

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