Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wax it with encaustic and feel the velvety soft texture of your work...

Somerset Studio -The art of Paper and mixed media is my favourite art magazine.
My latest copy arrived last week and it inspired me to make the following paintings to celebrate the coming of Easter.

Work by Julie Prichard, Seth Apter, Lynne Hoppe and Lynne Perrella have been an inspiration for these three pieces in terms of composition and colouring.
 Materials used.
Melted bees wax pellets, shellac, old book pictures, oil pastels with mineral turpentine, oil paint, old postage stamps, photocopied paintings and drawings on tracing paper, gold and silver pigments, leaf skeletons, modelling paste, textured gel medium, watercolour painting excerpts, copper wire, buttons, UHU gluestick to adhere medium to substrate.

Celebration Of Easter 1

Celebration of Easter 2

Celebration of Easter 3

Encaustic is a lovely tactile medium to work in.
You need a heat gun , beeswax pellets and you need to make sure you put it over a paper or
oilpaint/pastel base.
It will not stick to acrylic paint. 

When you are being inspired by others work it is important  I feel not to slavishly copy what they have produced for copyright reasons. 
Their work should be starting off points where you can jump into your own creative story.
If you do copy it exactly you need to acknowledge the artist and not offer it for sale.

Creativity Quote of the Day

Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls.

                         Antoine Rivarol

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Jacque said...

Encaustic painting is on my list of things I want to try. Your paintings are beautiful! I would love to see them "in person" because of the lovely textures and layers. Too bad we live so far apart!