Monday, May 2, 2011

Shots of Rotorua city by night....

 Janet's Tips and Tricks to  Effective night time photography

1. Take a tripod or all your shots will be shakey
2. Take a torch or you could lose a vital piece of photography equipment like your lens cap.
3. Take warm clothing, it's chillier than you think in the dark.
4. Take a bunch of other people with you for safety, especially if you are a woman.
5. Take a  kind, technically more competent man or woman with you and if they are really nice (thanks Wieland) they will carry your tripod and help you set it up and take it down again.
6. Don't forget to take your camera.
7. Remember any technical difficulites you have will be magnified by night time because you can't see a b----y thing in the dark, even with a torch.
8. Be especially careful with your camera because it would be easy to knock it over in the dark into a fountain and drown it or smash it to bits on the hard concrete.
9. Other than that,  remember to have fun, keep your cursing to a minimum  and take plenty of photos, one in a thousand could be a shot of gold...

                                       Shots of golden light at the Lake front with rippling water

                                                     Park benches along  the lake front.
Hospital and oak trees looking pretty ghostly and golden

Fountain  taking  on a pink tinge in the City Focus

                                                                   Candi floss Fountain

Framed fountain with sparkly light

 Flax silhouette among the bubbles.

                                                         Cars with trails of light on Fenton Street

Creativity Quote of the day

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
Vincent Van Gogh

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