Friday, July 22, 2011

Exhibition of Photographs and Haiku...

It's up in the library, my latest exhibition. From 19th July to 29th August.

I am wanting people to go into the library look at the exhibition and vote for their favourite photograph.
I am also wanting them to write their own haiku in response to their favourite photograph and pop it in the box. I will draw out a haiku at the end of August and that person will win the photo of their choice for free

What chance do you think that I have of having this happen?

I believe it's quite a hard ask really and I believe that so few people will write a haiku  so that if  anyone actually decided to do it they would have a very good chance of winning a free photo.

The old adage you have to be in to win is a very apt one in this case.

I have a visitors book at the exhibition. I will be able to guage just how many people are or are not interested in this exhbition.
If people aren't then I would probably not do it again because it's alot of work.
If they are then I will do it again.

So far the  response I have had from around 10 people who have signed the book is they think the images are really beautiful.

This is good because that was what the aim of it was.
To present a group of images that really explored the concept of beauty in nature.

Haiku are often about nature and a lot of mine are as well.
Themes such as spirituality also come into it.

I will be taking some shots of it so that those people who can't make it into the library to see it will be able to glimpse it online.

If any of you want to send me a haiku ( it's National Poetry day today in New Zealand ) feel free. I will collect them up and do a photo in response to them and put them on my blog with your byline.

This is called a colaaborative online exhibition.
So I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Janet

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