Friday, March 2, 2012

Affirmations Weekly.

I always start off the year with the intention of doing something often like an illustration a day. This lasts about a week and then I get distracted with something else or  I become too busy.
Sound familiar?
I have decided not to make any further promises. I am going to just post what I'm doing every week and see if anyone at all reads it and comments.
Sometimes it will be everry day sometimes not.

This way I won't be putting too much pressure on  or disappointing my vast audience of followers.

Today I am sorting ourt photos that I have taken for an online Photography course by Trish McAuslan from Tauranga New Zealand. She is a very good teacher and a nice person so I am looking forward to getting her feedback on my work.
This is a beginners course and it is forcing me to look at my  manual which is a good thing because I  haven't opened it since I bought my Canon 550 D two years ago.

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