Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Acrylic painting for beginners, last Vail family lesson on working with grid format.

Each person was asked to bring along collage materials to make a composition that was contained within panels of varying sizes within the  picture plane.
I love paintings like these because they allow you to put different and  interesting things together, just like a mosaic.
They are a visual narrative and often tell some very revealing stories about the person creating them. 

Heather chose vintage photos of people and themes from nature, to me it looks like a piece about journeys, overseas travel even travelling along roads  or maybe  even a movie. The most prominent design element here I  think is movement.

Rons was edgey with skeletons, images of war  and people from the middle east. This is what I would describe as a political protest piece. it is also telling a story.

This type of work is expressive, confronting  and can be cathartic to do and compelling to view.

Lalayna's cute, happy piece about the Samoid puppy  she would love to own.
This upbeat, decorative piece that would look good in any teenage girls room. Ron contributed the bone at the top of the piece which was a cute addition.
 She could use it as  a vision board in order to attract the  dog of her dreams. 
Visualise to materialise.

                    This is Julians creative, bold  take on the same subject; obviously if  Lalayna gets the puppy  she will be sharing it.
 I was very impressed with how well the family helped and encouraged each other and shared their ideas and resources. .
 It was smiles all around at the end of every lesson. .

They had a lot of fun expressing themselves and I really enjoyed teaching them.

Beginners acrylic painting  classes starting Mondays 7th May  from 6 to 8pm, enrolling now.
 Phone 346-3435 for details and class material lists.
Why not bring along your own family where people will get a chance to make some art for fun in a non -competitive, relaxed and colourful environment  set in an organic garden.

One of the great things about running classes from my studio is that I become friends with  the clients I teach and it's great to keep in contact with them after the classes are over.
 If families are too busy during the week I can arrange weekend worskhops.

Creative Quotes of the day
A family in harmony will prosper in everything.

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teri said...

I wish I did not live half a world away. Looks like your students have a lot of fun!