Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Imagenation Photographic Conference, Auckland. Fantastic event, so inspiring.

Every year the Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association holds the Image Nation Professional Photography ConferenceIn Auckland, New Zealand.
This  event give NZ  photographers, assistants and students an invaluable opportunity to hear entertaining and insightful presentations from some of the world’s most renowned professional photographers and industry experts.
Attendees also gain an immense amount of useful and relevant information about the advertising and editorial markets – knowledge that can be used to achieve future success in the photographic arena.

The 2012 Image Nation Conference took place at Unitec’s Mount Albert campus in Auckland on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th.
Speakers at this year’s event included Urs Buhlman, Jez Smith, Nick Rains, Colleen Tunnicliff, Fraser Harding, Grant Sheehan, Joyce Campbell, Johnny McCormack, Shannon McGrath, Richard Linton, Sally Brownbill and Special Group.

 Trying out a canon fish eye lens at the conference from a company who rents them out.

 Imagenation Conference Experience.
I went and had the best time ever.
The speakers were outstanding.
The photography was at  a level I had not seen before.
The organisation was really efficicent and the people friendly.
The venue was comfortable.
The food was great; nice and healthy 
I made new  photographic contacts/friends
I learned a lot and have a ten point plan that I am implementing for my photography.
Am I going again next year?
Sure am.

 Fisheye photos

 Distortion to the max;  what a fun way to play.

My role as a teacher  is to inspire others on their creative journey; if it's meant to be i's up to me. 

Going to conferences, photography events, classes and meetings away from Rotorua  with other professional photographers helps to keep me positive and full of new ideas and it's so much fun.
Having fun is the key to creatvity.

I have come away with a ten point plan on how I  am going to develop my photography business and I am working with another professional photographer in Auckland to check in with  her to see that we are both on track.

Making yourself accountable to others with your dreams helps to accelerate the process.

I really like other photographers as a professional body of people because they are creative as well as commercial. 
They are well organised and willing to share ideas with each other. 

I want to travel to Italy next year to take photographs  of some beautiful  mosaics and paintings   in Catholic churches and Monasteries. 

 Having faith, visualising  to materialsie and being greatful for what I have helps dreams tohappen.

Creative Quote of the day
A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.
Eugene Ionesco

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