Sunday, November 18, 2012

The importance of using props creatively when public speaking in public.

I think the idea of using a suitcase  when delivering a sermon about baggage you carry around with you is a good device.
 A visual  prop is very powerful.
 You can tell people till the cows come home that it is a good idea not to hold grudges and it could easily just pass the listener goodbye.

Every time I look at suitcases I think about grudges  and travel, but I notice so far that it hasn't really shifted any deep ones that I have.
Fortunately I haven't very many.
Maybe it's a process and they will all melt away some day.
With the concept of forgiving, I think it is possible to do this but it is way harder to forget.
 People say that you shouldn't get angry about things and everything that happens to you happens for a reason and that the people that urk you the most, have something to teach you.

I am still in two minds about this.
This year and next year I have a few things to focus on.
These are about being honest.
I want to be around people who respect boundaries and who are well mannered and uplifting.
I want to be around people who are interested in celebrating my successes with me because I'm planning to have a lot of them.
 I am interested in celebrating their successes.
I am interested in them telling me about their successes and I am happy to oblige as well.
 This is not boasting.
If you let your light shine, you give others permission to shine. Flying free is the key.

A friend of mine said to me that she thinks most people in New Zealand aren't really happy to hear the good news that others are having.
I replied that I thought they were and that I wasn't really interested in socialising with anyone who wasn't.

 I'd rather be honest with people.
If I don't like certain attitudes I don't want to go around being false about it.
I will not be confrontational, I will move away, refuse to buy into it.
Think lets live and let live but above all I'm sticking to my guns.
 I see little point in waiting around to be annoyed.
 I can't afford to be in this state if I want lots of good things to happen to me in the coming year.

If it's a paying client it could possibly be different but luckily for me all my clients are really fantastic. I always attract fantastically talented people to my studio. 
It is a haven for creativity and joy. 
It is set is a gorgeous garden humming with life and love.

If anyone pays me to teach them, buys an art piece or a mosaic or commissions me to make something, they are already on my wavelength.They are in the sun wioth me. 
I always appreicate my clients and never take them for granted. 

So that's it. 
I want to sow nice healthy seeds and reap lovely, strong, happy plants in 2013.

Cheers Janet
Creative quote of the day

 Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds.
Norman Vincent Peale

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