Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mixed Media acrylic painting Classes by Janet Keen.

It is the end of the year and it's a worthwhile exercise as an art teacher to show case your pupils work . 

 Lyn Benfell did a beginners mosaic class with me about three years ago and has just completed the beginners  6 week Mixed Media  painting course. 

Students do 6 paintings using different materials to produce a group of  works that may or may not relate to one another. 

Lyn's father is a professional portrait painter. 
She is naturally a competent realistic artist.
 It is hard to believe that these are the results of her very first lessons. 

Some people are just born with this talent for being able to render things realistically. 
This is a celebration of her work. 

               Lesson 1. Laying down paint with masking tape to produce an abstract expressionist work.

     Lesson 2.  Laying down a smooth base and using a controlled graphic design technique with the brush to produce strong lines.

       Lesson 3    Mixed media to create texture and a 3 d effect

Lesson 4. Bright Primary colours on tinfoil with black paint in the style of Hundertwasser.

Lesson 5.  Doing a tonal portrait using 7 tones of white to black, using my secret sure fire way to achieve a realistic impression.

Lesson 6. Free forming a portrait using colour to create a rounded form. 

We discovered that Lyn's forte is portraiture so we did an extra portrait  lesson to help develop these skills. 

My classes are individually tailored to a certain extent to the individual to get the best reults. It's not about me,  it's about the pupil. 

Class sizes are small with a maximum of 8 people. 
They are run on Mondays and Tuesdays in my studio /classroom which is set in a rose and perennial filled cottage garden. 

 If you would like to take some lessons call me on 07 3463435.
Out of town customers are welcome. 
I can put a package together for anyone
Email me on 346-3435  

Creative Quote of the day 
"One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one's capacity." Auguste Renoir

PS. I have gift vouchers, so husbands if you want to treat your wife to some creative painting or mosaic lessons, I have them available. 
Family gift vouchers also available and believe it or not I've even had wives buy gift vouchers for their husbands. 

Get cracking and get creative with Janet Keen in 2013

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I love the different application used ...from Sheila Magyar