Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sulphur Point Rotorua, Photo Safari with photographer, Janet Keen.

This morning my husband and I went to Lake Rotorua Lake front and walked to Sulphur Point and back. 
It's a nice easy track and took only an hour there and back by the time I'd stopped for photo's.  
These are some of the shots I took. 
The bird life is bountiful here. 
If  I were a bird photographer from overseas this is where I would go to.
The range and proximity of birds is a photographers dream.

A fantastic bird Safari photo workshop could be run from here.
                                            White duck family
                                             With a brownand white duck
                                           family move away then towards me
                                            Fantail Resting
                                              Geese in another light
                                                      Geese and swans
                                                            Five Finger Leaves
                                                          And seeds
                                                      Manuka Stumps
                                                         Manuka Flowers
                                                    Pukeko and gull
                                                      Gull on post
                                                              Gull on tyre
                                                 Gull on rock
                                            Shags on rock with swallows flying
                                      Scapus on water , shags on rocks , gulls on rocks
                                                Scaups resting near Float Plane

                                             Flying seagulls Autumn trees
                                                         Moulting Bull rushes
                                                  Manuka Flower Close Up
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