Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Landscape photography at Bowentown beach during Rotorua Camera Club Weekend

I like this shot because it doesn't follow the rule of thirds. 
  I get sick of following rules so I break out sometimes. 
My work is often about moody  colours and soft surfaces than about having a whole pile of technical things ticked off. 
But I realise if I'm going to start winning any PSNZ awards I  may have to change. Yawn
Either that or they need to get some artists on the judging panels. 
 They also need to get some younger edgier and female judges on the panel

 This  was made at dusk while twisting the lens. 
It's impressionist and ghostly. 
The light was beautiful at Bowentown on dusk

This is a shot of Jing with arms up looking like an angel or a bird.
An improvement would be to clone out the tree and straighten the horizon, but I love the light.
 Raewyn and Jing my roommates for the weekend.  
An improvement would be to straighten the horizon because it looks a but like they are heading down hill.

I like the pink and the mist of this shot at Bowentown beach

The sunset was like strawberry icecream 

Liked the sihouetted bushy grasses with the textured sky. 
A lot of my work is about appreciating textures. 

This rock and background like a lot. 
The mint green of the sea is enticing. 
 I liked the big waves that were kind of like whales. 

The milkiness of this appealed to me . 
I used a graduated  ND filter on manual. 
You use these filters to do those classic slowed down waterfall scenes. 

 The Lonely Hut 

Altered in colour efex pro. 
 Im getting a grauduated ND filter and a polarising filter this week.
 I want to do some slowed down water shots because they look mystical. 

Creative Quote of the day
Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Khalil Gibran

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