Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travelling as a way of improving you art and creativity

Most people who know me would realise after a while  that I'd really like to be out of Rotorua and New Zealand travelling the world teaching and making  art and mosaics.
It's no secret.  
My husband is the one who knows this the most.

The challenge is how to do it, while still remaining married and with a limited amount of money. 
 There is a gap between the wanting and the getting. 
 Dwelling on the problem is counter productive and not the solution. In this year of faith I'm having faith that it will happen some time. 

I want to be around inspiring, goal setting, achieving, professional   and travelling people because associating with them is inspiring and helps with achieving  travel goals. 

 Last week I went out to Ohau Channel to take some shots of birds and a church.
 I shot the church; it was a rainy, grey day. 
The thought of going home and tidying my studio didn't really appeal to me.

So I said to myself. 
What would happen if I just kept on driving? 
The thought if it was exciting.
It felt like an adventure, akin to travelling somewhere in another country. 
So I kept on going and I pulled in at Te Puke and explored the $2.00 shop there. 

  I bought some beads for my bead mosaics. 
Then carried on to Pacifica Nursary in Papamoa. 
I bought a rose shaped ring with a fake diamond in the middle of it and had a cup of tea. 

Then I went to the Mount and looked at four art galleries. 
The last one I went to I bought some tags of art I like with women, encouraging words and animals. 

By this time I was pretty tired so I made my way home but stopped at Bayfair for another cup of tea.
I also ate a banana.
While I was in the cafe I  saw an old man wheeling his wife in a wheelcheer; they would have been around 80. 
She looked in pain and he looked like he was resigned to looking after her. 

It brought tears to my eyes which I hid with my napkin.
 It was like a window into the future. 
I'll be too old to travel by then I thought. Best to do it now. 

Anyway I got over it quickly and drove home, trying not to imagine myself being stuck in a wheelchair or some old age persons home. Old age is not for the faint hearted.
 These years of my life are supposed to be the best and they are fast running out.

Travelling out of town if you are a born adventurer is a good thing for your art and creativity.


 This week I'm going to Hamilton and the Waikato Art Museum plus some galleries. I'll see if I  can meet up with the Director who is a friend of mine.
 It will be fun  and I will feel like a traveller

I am considering hopping on a plane and going down to Wellington for two or three days of gallery viewing. 
 Going down on a Friday and returning on a Monday. 
I was wanting to do the train trip and write on it but decided it would take too long especially since I would need to drive to Hamilton. 
The Wellington art galleris are funky and on a nice day Wellington is beautiful. 

 You have to be grateful  and remember to smell the roses because there are plenty of places to go to within driving distance of Rotorua. 
 It's very central and this is one of the best things about living here. It's easy to get out for a change of scenery.
You always come back refreshed and invigorated.

 Creative Quote of the Day
The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.
Samuel Johnson




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