Saturday, November 2, 2013

Steve Braunias talks at the Crystal palace Tauranga

 This is where I'm going to be all weekend. It's going to be a very exciting . I'll post some photos and a story about it when I  get back.


Final days of the Festival are full of enchantment, civilisation and whiskey

The Writers &; Readers programme continues over the weekend with best-selling authors Rob Mundle, Steve Braunias, Bill Manhire, Sherryl Jordan and Elizabeth Knox filling the TV3 Crystal Palace with insights, adventure and new worlds.


Tale Tellers, Bill Manhire, Fergus Barrowman and Steve Braunias discus stories - where they come from and how they're made, and what they might look like in future.

Where: TV3 Crystal Palace

When: 11.45am

Creating Worlds: Elizabeth Knox & Sherryl Jordan - two

of our most inventive authors - disucss writing for young

adults and the research, and leaps of imagination that results

in their hugely loved books.

Where: TV3 Crystal Palace

When: 2pm

Sunday 3 November ends the Festival with words and music to remember:

Articles of Faith, Sir Lloyd Geering talks with Steve

Braunias about his latest book From the Big Bang to God

which looks at how humans created heaven, hell and God

which in turn allowed us to dominate the planet.

Where: TV3 Crystal Palace

When; 10am

Civilisation: Steve Braunias' latest book, Civilisation, is

simply genius. In this session he discusses his three-

year journey to New Zealand's small places and the

observations he made, and the people he encountered.

Where: TV3 Crystal Palace

When: 11.45am

Poetry and Song
The final performance of Tauranga Arts Festival is very special. Bill Manhire's poems have been translated into music - of the jazz and blues persuasion - by professor music Norman Meehan. Hannah Griffin's voice and Norman's musicianship is a sublime combination that will reveal a new way to think about the poetry of our former Poet Laureate.
Where: TV3 Crystal Palace
When: 1.30pm

Get your tickets from Baycourt Ticket Direct | | 0800 224 224 

Or at the door of the TV3 Crystal Palace (TECT discount does not apply to door sales).

Mental Health Break: The Eastern's If I Were an Animal Acoustic Session (they're playing in the TV3

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