Monday, December 9, 2013

Mosaic and Painting pupils 2013 and general overview.

Goal setting is fine but if you keep on focusing on what you have to do instead of stopping and taking a breather and reflecting on all the great things that have achieved; you can start to feel like a rat in a lab.

In this photo I'm on the balcony outside our resort  apartment in Noosaville, Queensland during our mid winter break.
These were probably the happiest two weeks of my year so far. 
Although all year has been pretty good on the happy front. 
I would estimate it's been up around the 8 out of 10 mark all year.

I am really happy to say that I share the creative time with Cicely every week. 
She is only six and is adorable and she has a seven year old brother, Ryan who comes too and he's so caring towards her.

Cicely and Ryan both love reading my large collection of children's  picture books for inspiration.

They are born performers infront of the camera and have a great sense of drama and fun.

Hanwei and Hanxi have been a hive of industry with their ability to focus and work so well with quite complex projects. 
They are a credit to their parents. 

This was a heart project we did around Mothers Day
I was able to get five child pupils to do them and a couple of adults.

Yuhko has been coming for about two and a half years and she is a quiet person with a high skill level and she enjoys being creative,  She has completed a wide range of  projects.
 She loves landscapes and flowers and is skillful, imaginative and patient. 

Momoko came for a number of lessons during the year. 
She is a pupil at John Paul College has exceptional artistic skills and is a methodical and focused person.
 She bought one of  the homestay Japanese girls with her from John Paul  College for a lesson and she made this little flower which she took back to Japan. It had old New Zealand coins on it. 

Keiko bought her mother who was staying with her from Japan for a series of mosaic lessons while she painted native birds. 

 They also bought Keiko's adorable Japanese Spitz dog Spooky.

That beautiful dog is a heart stealer. 
I love  him and I will be getting one of my own I'm sure when my cat is no longer with me.

My cat Gary  seems to not be concerned about him, but there is no way that Graham (husband) is prepared to upset him by having his position of top animal jeapordised.

Sepsuko did a lovely job and took back five mosaics for her 

Keiko has great attention to realistic detail.

This is Kyra. 
We use these sessions for her to express herself in whatever way she feels like. 

Art can be used as therapy which is a great outlet.

Kyra has a lot of general knowledge about foxes and wolves which she shares with me.

She wears some wacky costumes which are fun and creative

 She's a gentle, sensitive and  spiritual person and her work is often based on fantasy.

She made a couple of steam punk posters after seeing mine plus she has made many water colour pieces with water colour pencils.

Cool sox, great steam punk work 
Kyra made this owl with a wood burning tool at a Queen Elisabeth health course

 Kyra with fox painting out of her head

Finn with his mosaic car. 
Finn came for around six months and completed some creative projects. 
He was a sweet young, sensitive, person.

 Kyle with  one of his fish paintings.
 He is focusing on realism.
He is going to Waiariki and enjoying the variety  of art and sculpture he is learning there and friendship with other class members.

This year I have had a variety of different students, both adult and yonger people.
Instead of grouping everyone into one or two days I opened it up to four days. 

I have had small relaxing classes where I have been able to really get to know people and they have been able to express themselves.

Adults have come in to learn mosaics and beginners painting lessons during the day

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