Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photographic Animal Safari at Paradise Valley Wildlife Park and Springs, Rotorua New Zealand by Janet Keen

When we arrived the Keas were out of their enclosures walking around. 
They were hungry and friendly

 The Alpaca apparently is a good guard animal and people overseas put them in with sheep so they will protect them from wolves

 You should never leave these animals by themselves because they like to be with others. 
No-one seems lonely at Paradise Valley Wildlife Park.

Everyone is a friend at Paradise Valley Wildlife Park, especially if you have food.

Ashley and her hedgehog who is yet to be named. 
She is a school girl, weekend volunteer and so helpful

She found the hedgehog on her front lawn and hand reared it by feeding it with catfood. 
It survived then she brought it along to the park where it shares an enclosure with some rabbits.
I've never seen such a friendly hedgehog , which just goes to show that if you give any animal enough food and love they will become bonded to you.
A large part of the job of being a wild life park keeper is to shovel s--t.
There's plenty of it because they like to keep all the enclosures 

It's enjoyable woirk because they so love all the animals and want to make sure they are happy.

She makes a lovely model and I can just imagine her in a job dealing with animals in the future.

This is how you get as a young person experience in your chosen field.
Volunteering is a great way to pick up new skills and to have a test run to see if its the sort of work you would like.

This giant woolley angora goat had the sweetest face.

And the most insistent tongue

He/she really liked the feed that you can buy in the shop before you go out.

Maybe its a girl because it didn't smell like a boy.

He/she even wanted to eat the bag. 

They had the biggest stomachs I have ever seen on goats.
They just couldn't get enough to eat and were quite demanding, but also very gentle. 

We went early for the lion cubs, but they were very boisterous and hard to photograph.
Definitely impossible to get a shot close face to face because one swipe and I think you could have a serious scar.

This is the best one but the eyes aren't in focus so not an award winner unfortunately.
I will need to go back when they have a fresh new batch of lion clubs. 

 The Lions were sleeping in their enclosure. 
They seemed to perk up a bit when young children came near and sat at eye level to them.

The End

 I live on the way to the Wild Life park .
Classes are from Monday Wednesday  and  Friday mornings from 9.30am for adults and home schooled pupils. 
After school classes  Monday to Wednesday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm for one hour. 
Phone 07 346-3435 or email jkeen@clear.net.nz to book your space. 

Creative Quote of the Day 
 I love acting but it's much more fun taking kids to the zoo
Nicole Kidman 

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