Sunday, April 27, 2014

After School Art and Mosaic Classes for Kids in Rotorua with Janet Keen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays from 3.30pm

 Creating Art is a valuable exercise to develop the right side of the brain.


 It also cultivates self-expression,

a major benefit in your kids' development.

 Art is as important as breathing!


Art fosters positive mental health


 by allowing a child to shine with

uniqueness as well as

completing cool,


impressive masterpieces.

The kids and young adults  are so proud 


of these wonderful accomplishments,

which helps to build their positive self-concept.

After School Art


Where Kids and young adults get the knack!

 Inspirational classes to build kids confidence using sneaky tricks,



cunning shortcuts and genuine techniques.


 (Constructive skills for later use.) 

Every participant is an Epic success


 Creative Ambience,

 atmosphere and pleasant music

in a live artists creative studio and garden

 where there are heaps of examples for kids


 to get inspired from an hour of creative escapism!





Book your young artist in now for term two

$25.00 per session, including materials.  


Janet Keen Mosaic and Painting School for Kids and Young Adults.
374 Clayton Road, Rotorua .
New Zealand
From 3.30 pm to 5.00 for one hour
Enquiries and bookings  
Phone 346-3435 now
Email for information



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