Thursday, May 15, 2014

Creative mosaic fish pupil

Isiah is a lovely young man who comes to my studio twice a week for an hour to paint and make mosaics.

 He has a flair for drawing and is extremely creative.

 Isiah says that making art in my classroom makes him feel happy.
We chat about all sorts of interesting arty things as well as talking about uplifting topics like how we are going to make a million bucks.
I often read him his angel cards and sometimes we see what the tarot cards have to say.

 It's just a bit of fun but we also use them as tools to goal set and to think positively .

I relate well to teenagers and have a number of them who come in for private lessons.
Making art can be  good for peace of mind and mood elevation.

If you have a special son or daughter who could do with some creative time in my studio in a caring and nurturing environment give me a ring on  07346-3435 or email me on
 Lessons are $25.00  to $30.00 per hour including materials, depending on age and circumstances.

Creative Quote of the Week
“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

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