Monday, June 23, 2014

After school art pupil feature, clever Matthew.

Meet Matthew
Matthew comes to me for an hour for painting and drawing lessons and here he is with his latest creation

 Matthew is a very keen artist.
 His behaviour is always perfect. 
He is eager to learn and tries his best at everything he creates. 
 He goes to St Mary's Catholic School which he enjoys very much. 

 This is a creation of a giraff, a tiger and a lion. 
 I love the colours he has chosen and his wonderful quirky interpretations of his favourite animals. 

The next painting in this series is of a dog, a rooster and a cow so watch this space. 

Matthew has decided that he wants to set up his own gallery in his parents bakery at Te Ngae Shopping Centre because he would like to sell his art. 

This is very exciting as in my classes I  am always encouraging my pupils to think like real artists. 
I will be going into the bakery to have a look at the space so that we can  look into setting everything up attractively. 

 I  absolutely adore children's art, it gives me such a warm feeling  to see how they interpret the wold.
 It's spontaneous and imaginary.
 Young children are always a pleasure to teach. 
It's very important at this age to value where each pupil is with their drawing ability and to praise them for their work so that they gain confidence and want to keep on developing. 

My studio is open to people from 5 years of age and upwards for after school classes Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.30 for one hour. 
Lessons $25.00 per hour per student including exhibitable and saleable materials.  Each person has their own tailor-made art programme and I am always kind and patient. 

Creative quote of the week 
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Phone 346-3435 or email to enrol your child for next term, numbers limited so each person has lots of attention. 

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