Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Impressions of the Rotorua Lakefront.

This family of geese are always lurking around at the lakefront eating grass and acorns at the moment because they are in season.
I love them because although they have a reputation for being aggressive

These ones aren't. They are really friendly

I have followed them so often on their little jaunts with my camera I think they are almost used to me

I think they recognise me because the feeling I  got off them the last time I saw them was gentleness.

It might sound strange but I find I have a really deep connection to most animals.

I have had encounters with them too numerous to name where they seem to sense something on me that makes them feel very calm.  Perhaps they know I respect them and they just relax around me.

I've manipulated all of these images in Photoshop using NIC software so they are not natural looking but that is the whole concept.


The walk to Sulphur point  along the lakefront is shrouded in these Kanuka's which give off a lovely reviving aroma.
 I particularly enjoy the shadows.

This is a section of rust off some old machinery at Sulphur point that always intrigues me for its Australian like landscape colours.

Rust never sleeps is evident in this shot.

I have chosen the lakefront as my project for the year to revisit in all seasons in all weathers.

It's an exercise in digging deeper.

Creative Quote of the Day
The goose that lays the golden eggs likes to lay where there are eggs already.
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