Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rotorua Lakefront early morning gull and reflection shoot

 A lot of people  write off gulls

They say they are noisy, aggressive and always hungry

But I love their plumage and early in the morning their feathers look angelic and their cute little red feet and beaks always remind me of  soldiers guarding Buckingham Palace

There is always something going on around gulls. Yes they are aggressive and noisy sometimes but often they hang out together on piers just relaxing in the sun or cleaning themselves

A lot of people would look at the bird shit on the tyres and say yuk that's dirty 

But I think that it could be interpreted as the marks on an abstract painting. Besides bird shit is good for the garden and at least in this case it's white. A lot of people think white is a clean colour. 

 You look into the water and sometimes you don't see the reflections but they are always there, its a matter of adjusting your view and slowing down to see the beauty in nature that is everywhere. 
Thee two are obviously a couple and after an initial squabble they settled down quite nicely together in quiet unity

I like surface patterns on things and  I like going out to take photos with certain people. It can be a spiritual experience and it's  a lot of fun
Things as they age and get dirty can have a type of beauty that many people overlook. 
It's just a matter of changing the way you see things and getting past the voice in your head that might be saying, "that's not beautiful."  

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