Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aria's Farm adventure with Kerris Browne, Jonathon, Hagger and Ruebin Hagger .

Jonathon Hagger Ruebin Hagger and I went over to see Kerris Browne at her farm. It's called Aria's Farm  and is named after her daughter, Aria. 
Kerris and her husband  Chris run a farm stay business where people pay to stay in the nice  houses they have on the property and can have the opportuntiy to converse and interact with the animals.
They attract a lot of families  from out of town and overseas with kids that have never been on farms before.
 Pigs are one of my favourite animals.
Because they are caring, brainy and cute.
I asked Jonathon to come with me ( next door ) to Aria's farm to  pose for my camera, kissing a pig.
I figured he'd be a good model because he is a marathon runner and he and Kerris already knew each other because they often run the same marathons and I think they both belong to the Rotorua Athletics Club
Jonathon had never held a pig let alone kissed one before but he was very brave following the instructions Kerris gave him to avoid being scratched.
I thought he had a natural and obvious rapport  with animals. He could have been a vet in another  life or maybe even a photographic model for sportswear!!!!
They stopped squealing almost immediately and settled down to be nurtured and admired.

It was so adorable it was hard for me to reject any of these photos.
I think this is one of my favourites.
The pigs are called Saddlebacks
And they grow up to be as tall as your hip. I don't know the exact weight.
They are reputed to be as intelligent or even more so than dogs.
And as long as you put a ring in their nose when you put them into a paddock they wont root it up so that it becomes a bog
They are really affectionate and respond well to being talked to and scratched
They like being handled

And they appear to like very much being around people and each other
 They are surprisingly soft to touch , especially around their ears
And providing you hold them correctly they wont bite or scratch you

They respond well if you genuinely like them and they even appear to smile

They are totally adorable and I love living near them
Look at those cute little trotters and snouts

Look at the cute curly tales
Their area is very clean and well looked after, so it doesn't smell awful
Their mother is very willing to feed them and feed them. She is an excellent mother.
And quite attractive in her own way
Other pigs on the farm are long time pets

They enjoy interacting with their owner Kerris
And sometimes personalities start competing for her affections
So dramatic times can occur
Rivals are chased off
But there is always plenty of love to share around

Because this is a farm where animals are free range, not locked up in some overcrowded prison

The pigs have a good life

Roosters are also prized pets

And serve as early morning alarm clocks that I can hear from my bedroom window
They have been handled so much that they are also tame
Although Jonathon didn't quite manage to pick this one up

Another one was obtained by Kerris
And this proved to be very serene
The photography session of this  encounter went on for quite a while and he let them stroke his comb and wattle.

You could tell Jonathon liked the  roosters as well

He didn't peck Jonathon at  all and as long as Jonathon held the powerful legs in check, all was well and safe
The ducks looked clean and happy
They proved to also be friendly
And  were fantastic layers and providers of eggs
Kerris with the help from  Ruebin washed the eggs that she very kindly gave to us 
They came out so startlingly white from what colour the were in the beginning
It gave me an appreciation for the amount of work that goes into providing people with food.
We walked back next door to my place and they handed me the eggs.

Graham my husband made us scrambled eggs for breakfast using half duck eggs and half chicken eggs and I couldn't taste or tell the difference between them.
 They were really delectable and fresh
Thanks to Kerris for a great hour and for being such a willing and healthy looking model
Thanks to Jonathon for being such a brave model and Ruebin for his help.
Thanks to all the lovely natured animals.
You are all  stars.

Creative Quotes of the day

The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.

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