Sunday, March 15, 2015

Texture at the Redwood Forest Rotorua

The forest has a still, calming effect
The gently undulating green track is the one that Graham and I usually go on

It usually takes forty minutes, but more if you stop at every seat to smell the air and take some photos.
My photography this year really is about the soul and essence of the place. 

Back lit leaves are a favourite
When we went was in the middle of the day and this is not optimal for photography
This is because a lot of the highlights get blown out
But never the less under the shade of the trees you can get soe intesting textural compositions
The hole in the canopy shot is always a good one to go for.
Always remember to look up when you are doing photography.
And of course look down
There is a whole secret world just waiting to be discovered by your lens.
Get in nice and close and try to simplify
Bare branches have a stark beauty of their own
Simple things like rushes have a texture that is  like the weaving of a mat
These self seeding
Plane trees
shine like emeralds in the back lit sun

Lots of nice thick slab like seats abound along the walk. This table near the mysterious boggy pool is a great place for planking or flying

Hugging a tree a day is good for your health

Stop,  breathe into it and you will hear what it is telling you. 
It's all about peace and patience

And laughter and celebration. It's all about wanting to go home after a tree encounter and write some poetry.

It's sometimes about mysterious gnome spotting

The walk may be spikey at times and it certainly gets your heart rate up of you aren't super fit. 
I would recommend it though because it is pretty, not too long and hard and it has quite a few other walkers and runners on it so it wouldn't really be scarey if you went by yourself or with your dog. Make sure you keep your dog on a leash and take a plastic bag to scoop up you know what.
At the end or the start of the walk there are always the decorated loos
To use or take arty shots of
They are very clever and echo the environment beautifully

Creative quotes of the day 


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