Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 2. of six week being sugar free. 
The aim of the illustrations is to chart my journey of being sugar free and abundant for six weeks. 
During this time  I will create two illustrations a day and they will be reminding  myself  and others to live in the now to be mindful and positive and to embrace the abundance that is flowing my and your way. 
I will endeavour to interpret these drawings that come from the subconscious of self discovery and abundance, plus commit to being sugar free ( I repeat this because it's really important).
 If you eat sugar to keep your emotions stuffed down inside you, you will never be free to live in the golden light. 
Addictions like sugar, alcohol or even too much TV watching keep you stuck. 
Come on a 6 week journey with me to free yourself. 
Together we can achieve more.   
 Rotorua readers are welcome to sign up for a six week doodling classes with me at a cost of $25.00 per lesson. 
All you need is a visual diary, a set of HB pencils, a rubber and some black in pens. 
Phone 3463435 or email to sign up today. 
 You can do it. You can change your life starting now.

Illustration 3 
Janet goes on a literary break to Tauranga 

I want to write travel articles and be paid to do so. 
I also want the travel experiences to be paid by the publisher. 
Tall ask I hear you say. 
But unless you start visualising and writing you will never get there, so start today. 
Other people do it, why can't I? 
The power is in the believing in possibilities. 

What are your aspirations readers? 
Get out your diaries and start drawing and writing about them today. 

Illustration 4. 
Janet surrounds herself with spiritual role models and people who will pray for her success. 

Prayer to God.
Please God fill my life with love, light, and helpful friendships that help me get closer to you.
Let me use my skills and talents to help the world be a more enjoyable, peace filled, fun filled, relaxing  and trustworthy place. 
Please let me be surrounded by respect. 
Please let me not be deterred from my path by people who are jealous  of me or who try to use me for their selfish ends. 
Let me attract good God loving people who are aligned with my adventure and travel plans. 
I trust in you God and pray that others too can reach their dreams and goals through doodling and illustrating. 
Let's go forth and be creative today. 

Who can you surround yourself as spiritual mentors and guides to help you along your journey towards the light?
List them and make a drawing about them and see who  you attract. 
Write to me at with your successes. 

Quote of the day. 
Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”
Pablo Picasso,

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