Friday, May 13, 2016

Doodling for Manifestation of good health, abundance, happiness and being sugar free. Six week course.

Doodling is fun.
 It helps manifest abundance and it gives you a rest from all the stress of  worrying. 
You sit down with paper and a pencil and a blank journal and let your imagination soar. 
No-one's there to judge  your efforts because you can keep them secret and it's one step up from colouring in other peoples drawings. 

 The start of my six week manifestation journal.

On the back side of the doodle page I write a page of messages to myself. 
It starts off with a prayer and talks about anything I feel like with regard to gratitude and abundance. 

Prayer.  You can do this to the God of your choice it doesn't have to be Christian). 
I am praying to a Christian God because I'm a Catholic. 
If you aren't religious; pray to the universe or  a higher power.
 Just give it over.
 Don't expect to do it all yourself. 

Prayer for Abundance.
 Please God bring happiness to me for all the rest of my days and  to the people who surround me and who I teach and come into contact with. 
Please fill my studio with lots of lovely people who want to pay me to teach them how to be more creative. 
Send me some nice, happy, caring, lovely, positive, helpful and  intelligent friends to be surrounded by who only want the best for me and each other. 
Help me to become and remain totally sugar (sucrose) free. 
Keep me safe on a protected, true, kind, grateful and abundant path. 

I will be doodling two illustrations about myself  and or other people and animals per day with an accompanied prayer, piece of writing or a poem.
From these doodles I  want to manifest, health, abundance happiness and being sugar free. 
 It will happen for a period of six weeks and I will keep you abreast of my progress. 

During this time I  will be also running creativity  courses on this from my home studio at 374 Clayton Road, Rotorua. 
 If  you want to join me personally.  It will start in two weeks time which is  Wednesday 25th  May. 

It will be run on a Wednesday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm
People come to my studio for $35.00 per hour for a six week run. 
You will need a visual diary and a black ink pen and some HB pencils and a rubber. 
If you want to stay for an extra hour for another $35.00  and have an accelerated art lesson afterwards you can do this as well. 
Numbers are restricted to 6 people. 
In this time you will have homework and come to the class for different lessons with art and poetry writing to manifest your dreams. 
All of your art will be recorded in your visual diaries. 
You will need to arrive on time because we have a lot to cover and lots of magic to manifest. 

Phone 346-3435 or 0273513887 or email me on to book your six week slot now.
 Hurry numbers limited.

If you want to join me via the internet, skype let me know and  I  can spend an hour with you going over your lesson.
 Email me

 Day One.  Doodle Two. 

Janet meets the Flow of Abundance. 

Prayer: Please God help me to get into the flow of abundance so that the phone rings hot with offers of paid work with regard to art teaching and writing. 
This is because  I  want to go on a pilgrimage to Italy to see the mosaics and I  want  to raise $7,000 quickly to do it. 
Please help me God.  
I need to go in 2018, because I'm not getting any younger and my husband will be retiring and I  will need to support us with my brilliant God given gifts. 
I am in the flow and abundant offers flow to me. 

The Road to recovery by journaling. 
For the past month I have slipped from my normal practise of being positive.
So I had reverted to sleeping in till 9am, instead of getting up and going for a walk at 7am
 I had taken to watching too much TV instead of writing and drawing.
 I had taken to eating sugar which is really bad for roller-coaster moods and I had taken to thinking like a victim.
 It had also been bad because I fell off my bike, hurt my knee and couldn't have the wind in my face or the endorphin fix from the exercise.
  I had even given up on blogging, taken less photos and just felt that I was in a  giant rut. 
But I am out of the rut and back up on the bike and  I am not giving in. 
Journaling, doodling and writing the life that I am manifesting will help accelerate the progress and before you know it I will be in the flow of being in Italy and teaching art all over the world.
 I just need to believe that it's happening and feel and act like it's happening.
 You can do this too. 
Just sign up for a course in joyful journaling and we will manifest miracles together.

Email or phone 073463435 or 0273513887

Creative Quote of the day 

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not 

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