Monday, May 23, 2016

Double exposure photography and haiku online exhibition by Janet Keen and friends. My theme is the nostalgia, longing and loss.

I have had a request from a haiku poet to contribute haiku in relation to my photographs, so I am going to do it. 

 You can pick out the ones you like and write a haiku to them and I will publish your haiku underneath them with your name and your country.

So come on, unleash your creativity today and have a go. 
No suggestions will be rejected unless they are obscene or derogatory 

Let's see how many of us can celebrate the love of haiku in a positive, pensive or promising way. 

I dare you to take some time out to dream and write......Cheers Janet:) 
Email with your haiku
All photographs are  totally original, copyright and property of Janet Keen 
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summer sea breeze stirs
bunny grasses sway and bend
final  wave goodbye
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                              nodding seagrass heads
                             dipping seagull wings
                             all bend to the wind's call.
                                                              Deryn Pittar, New Zealand


end of summer break
 the beach empties out again
leaving grass alone
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


                       goose remembers me 
                       as being a bearer of bread
                       lent means none today
                                       Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                                         blue goose in the reeds
                            blending with foliage
                           storm clouds ripple the sky
                             Deryn Pittar, NZ

                               sitting still, reflecting
                              at the pool of remembrance
                              shags keep me company

Deryn Pittar Papamoa, NZ. 


duck hunting season
geese hide in the sticky reeds
dodging shooters guns
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


the eye of the gull
always looks fascinated
by  ice-cream sundaes
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


                       what is it he asks
                       especially  for you she smiles
                        Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

the swan is mirrored
lake marred and wrinkled with cracks
 soon she'll break away 
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                           autumn at the beach 
                          bunnies are disappearing 
                           she saves one for him 
                                            Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


summer morning gull
moving through the air with wings
wish to be with him
Janet Keen Rotorua.,NZ 


dumped lone coke bottle 
capturing  bubbles in light
were his lips once there?
Janet Keen, NZ


glistening morning waves
paddle boarders stalk the stork
voyeur stalks her man
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ   


 scavenger hunt starts
pelican peruses boats
big black endless love
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

quick as lightening cat
twinkle in his mothers eye
rat in the compost
Janet Keen, NZ


                                   much loved long lost pet 
                       after all these empty months
                      fur still on my rug
                        Janet Keen,Rotorua


endless ceaseless rain 
pull the duvet over head  
dream of time with him 
Janet Keen, NZ

                        rainbow city lights
                      cafes crammed with tasty smells
                       wallet crammed with bills
                        Janet Keen , New Zealand 


remembering her
he walks the beach alone now 
re-tracing their steps
Janet Keen, New Zealand 

                                                pick a bunny grass
                                                trace it over his bare skin
                                                make him softly sigh
                                                       Janet Keen NZ


                                                                         hold a buttercup
                                               closely up under her chin
                                               dream of  warm pancakes
                                                   Janet Keen, NZ 

                                         softly in morning
                                        darkness drops away
                                         waiting still
                                             Lee, NZ


maple leaves decay
metals turn rusty red
 time to leave will come
Janet Keen, NZ 

egret spies on fish 
          paddle boarders spy big waves
yearn to be as one
Janet Keen  NZ


                                                               riding an Egret
                                would sometimes be more simple
                                        than catching a man
                                          Janet Keen, NZ 


finding the deep places
of the land
Maureen NZ


twittering fantail
shadowing my every step
breathing in  trout flies
Janet Keen, NZ


duck on golden pond
reminds me all the time of
bath time after school
Janet Keen NZ


why on a full moon
do dogs whimper, bark and howl 
while cats look happy
Janet Keen, NZ

moreporks haunting cries
full moon great for rat spotting
squeaking in my roof
Janet Keen, NZ

sheep follow each other
making ridges on the hills
who decides who leads?
Janet Keen, NZ

dog and girl unite
friends amongst the dandelions
loneliness at bay
Janet Keen, NZ


                                                                    paradice duck waltz
                                               ask me to  your dance again   
                                               this time I'll say yes
                                                                             Janet Keen, NZ


                                             feeling your soft hands 
                               brushing through my silky hair
                               white ducks glide on spring

                                                                                     Janet Keen, NZ

Creative Quotes of the day

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life."

~Elizabeth Gilbert 

It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”
George Eliot

“I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.”
Salvador Plascencia,
The People of Paper

How people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours.

A Buddhist Saying 

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