Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kuirau Park, Rotorua Double Exposure Photos with Jing, taken by Janet Keen, Art Photographer.

My friend Jing and I often go on Photographic Safari's together.

This was one Autumn morning in Kuirau Park, Rotorua

I first discovered this special, secret spot  when I was riding my bike with my husband

I knew Jing would like it because it's so mysterious and eerie; not the sort of place you would want to hang out by yourself.


The steam wafts over in billowing bursts, engulfing, you lose sight of the person standing right next to you.
You feel alone yet together
The sun shafts into your back casting your shadow into the close misty screen. 
They  waltz, ghosts  swirling in the  air.

 I dissolve. 
I could be on a moon scape or in Japan after a nucleur explosion
My breath  laboured and  laden with intoxicating sulphur odour. 

The manuka all piney.   It's feather fingers caress your hands as you brush past.  
Thermal water underneath the bridge seeps into the soles of your shoes,warming, turning them rubbery and malleable.

Mist wraps around you like an alpaca blanket.
 Or encased in a silk caterpiller's cacoon.

 Algae blooms in the surging water. 
 The plop  of bubbling mud pools splutter

One false step and you would be boiled alive in this witches couldron

Double exposure photography allows  layers and colours into scenes making them surreal and slippery like a Dali painting 

Ambiguity is freedom, allowing you to travel into your imagination

The Kurau park secret spot is the departure point into another mysterious, sinister and surprising world. 

Get lost in it and see how you have changed once you come in from the other side. 
Do you feel more alive or closer to death?  

Go for a walk. Take some photos. You can use your phone camera if you don't have a DSLR
 Manipulate them into surreal colours and write some haiku and poetry  about them. 
Opportunites for haiku are all around you. 
Take time out now. 
It's  great way to bring peace into your world.

Creative Quote of the day

“my love is a winter’s mist

gently dissolving

through the window

at the nape of your neck.” 

 Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

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