Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rotorua Creative Art Photography by Janet Keen Artist/Tutor

Seeing double? Should have gone to Specsavers.
 I went to Specsavers the other day and bought some nice new glasses with pink handles.
Yay something different.
 I recommend Specsavers because of their great service, excellent price and attention to customer satisfaction.

I love creating photographs with humour.
Swans can be graceful and territorial and sometimes quite ugly.

Impossible compilations that could only occur in your mind.

I want to see something different and intriguing, otherworldly and ghostly.

I love misty photos and silhouettes.

Playing around at night with light


Hanging out in cemeteries with angles and recording the crazes and cracks on headstones.

 The lakefront in Rotorua is a huge source of photographic interest to me.

  As are the government gardens with monuments and statues.

Graffiti is also very inspirational.

Any of my photographs can be printed out and bought.
 You just have to tell me which ones you like and they could be hanging on your wall as a visual symphony.

Perhaps you would prefer to take your own photographs but are a beginner and don't really know how to start.
 I provide one on one tuition for you and this will allow you to accelerate.

If you have some photos that would like me to process for you in photoshop I can do this as well.

 Service start at $45.00  per person per hour. 
Ring me for a consultation today 0273513887
Email janet@jkeen.net


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