Monday, May 23, 2016

Haiku online exhibition by Janet Keen and friends. My theme is the nostalgia of loss.

I have had a request from a haiku poet to contribute haiku in relation to my photographs, so I am going to do it. 
I will be posting photos on here and writing haiku under them.
 You can pick out the ones you like and write a haiku to them and I will publish your haiku underneath them with your name and your country.
 So come on, unleash your creativity today and have a go. 
No suggestions will be rejected unless they are obscene or derogatory 
Let's see how many of us can celebrate the love of haiku in a positive, pensive or promising way. 
I dare you to take some time out to dream and write......Cheers Janet:) 
Email with your haiku


summer sea breeze stirs
bunny grasses sway and bend
we wave goodbye back
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                              nodding seagrass heads
                             dipping seagull wings
                             all bend to the wind's call.
                                                              Deryn Pittar, New Zealand


end of summer break
 the beach empties out again
leaving grass in peace
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


                       goose remembers me 
                       as being a bearer of bread
                       lent means none today
                                       Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                                         Blue goose in the reeds
                            blending with foliage
                           storm clouds ripple the sky
                             Deryn Pittar, NZ

                               sitting still, reflecting
                              at the pool of remembrance
                              shags keep me company

Deryn Pittar Papamoa, NZ. 


duck hunting season
geese hide in the reeds
dodging explosions
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


the eye of the gull
always looks interested
in ice-cream sundaes
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


                       what is it he asks
                       it's special for you she smiles
                        Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

the swan is mirrored
in a lake marred with cracks
she turns and leaves him
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ

                           autumn at the beach 
                          bunnies are disappearing 
                           she saves one for him 
                                            Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ


summer morning gull
moving through the air with wings
wish I could fly too
Janet Keen Rotorua.,NZ 


dumped lone coke bottle 
photographing its bubbles
whose lips were once there?
Janet Keen, NZ


glistening morning waves
paddle boarders stalk the stork
camera stalks them all
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ   


 scavenger hunt starts
pelican peruses boats
hole in one fish catch
Janet Keen, Rotorua,NZ













finding the deep places
of the land
Maureen NZ

Creative Quote of the day
How people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours.

A Buddhist Saying 

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Rotorua Lakefront double exposure Photography with Jing Pan and Janet Keen.

Photographic Genetic Engineering  surrealistic Series because
what is in my imagination is always preferable to what is happening in  my reality. 

All photographs are copyright and for sale. 
If you would like to order photos, payment is only through transferring money into my bank account or bank cheque. 
 I  am looking into setting up an online shop if demand increases. 
Galleries in New Zealand feel free to offer me some exhibiting opportunities. 
Feel free to email me  
Scammers don't bother enquiring because I am onto you. 

Wharf in front of Sea Scout hall crossed with paint texture

goose crossed with paint and
flaking texture on Scout Hall 

swan crossed with Janet 
wharf slippery with duck poo
tread carefully or fall in

 Autumn leaf swirl crossed 
with Swan in oily water

Janet on top of swan
oily water laps

Swan looms on  top  of Jing 
in the gloom

A paint bomb is dropped on Jing and swan by giant unseen seagull
 or maybe it's a  bomb or  loose firecracker?  

 Geese, Jing and giant graffiti caused by manipulated Autumn leaves on a tainted background

Different colour wave of above 

 Peaceful, protective, giant geese and Jing on wharf at Rotorua Lake front near scout hall 

 Ghostly, protective swan  God and Janet celebrating the abundance of the universe.

Creative Quote of the day 

Surrealism had a great effect on me because then I realised

 that the imagery in my mind wasn't insanity. Surrealism to 

me is reality. John Lennon

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Photos of Janet Keen by Jing Pan at the Tree Trust Japanese Garden, Rotorua in Autumn

Melting Moments1.
Melting Moments 2
Melting Moments 3
Melting Moments 4
Melting Moments 5
Melting Moments 6
Melting Moments 7
Melting Moments 8
Melting Moments 9
Melting Moments 10
Melting Moments 11

Lesson Plan

Which one do you like best. Write to and tell me. 
Go with a friend in the morning to a country location and take shots of each other by moving your camera quickly. 
See what beautiful melting moments you can have.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cracked thermal Earth, double Exposure Photography, Rotorua New Zealand, Janet Keen Fine Art Photographer.

These abstract, fine art prints are originals by Janet Keen. 

 No two are the same.

Embedded in them are images of people.

You can have your own special abstract image with silhouettes of yourself or your family or pet embedded

They are explorations of Humanbeings being part of the landscape, dissolving into it and working with it, instead of dominating it. 

They are images that ask us to be gentle on the earth and to treasure it and let it breathe. 

Colours are designed to go with your decor and favourite colour scheme

Notifications by galleries in New Zealand to exhibit my photographic Fine Art work are welcome 

All images are signed and dated on the back

All Photographs are copyrite

You can have works with as little or many cracks as you like, there's something quite fragile about cracks and in their way they can be quite haunting and beautiful. Ambiguity makes things more mysterious, less obvious, more intelligent and interesting. 
Abstract work allows to the viewer to bring their interpretations into the work, which is just as valid. 
 I am in love with abstracts. 

Overseas queries welcome

Write to me at and tell me which one you like best. 
See more on my Janet Keen Artist facebook page

Haiku with double 
shags silhouetted  
waiting for the mist to clear 
fishermen whisper

chinese girl takes aim
mist hiding her face from me
chinese whispering 

there are three girls here
or is it  one girl ghosted
can't tell in the gloom 

cracked earth engulfs her
she disappears like the mist
chinese whispering

What is haiku? A three lined poem of Japanese derivation. 
Often talking about a moment in time. 
Sometimes having syllable cont of 5, 7, 5, but not necessarily. 

Go out, take some photos and write some haiku to them.
 Send me your results. Good luck, 
See how happy you feel when you have finished because writing haiku is like meditating.  

Creative Quote of the Day
“Haiku is not a shriek, a howl, a sigh, or a yawn; rather, it is 

the deep breath of life.” 

 Santōka Taneda, Mountain Tasting: Haiku and Journals of Santoka Taneda

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