Saturday, August 21, 2021

Covid Lockdown Photographic projects August 2021 Day 1 By Rotorua Photographer Janet Keen

I believe it is important to set yourself some projects when you go into lockdown, especially if you are creative. Otherwise you can fritter away precious time in lethargy and procrastination. Why don't you join me? Encourage your children to embark on a creative project. This current project is going to be about the weather. For the first day I trolled though my archives and saw some photos of clouds and sea that I took in Adelaide while on holiday a number of years ago. I manipulated them in photo shop to look like oil paintings. My inspiration for this project came from viewing famous Canadian Indigenous Photographer Camille Seaman. Her big tempestuous skies are awe inspiring. While we don't have giant hurricanes in New Zealand and large skies we do in Rotorua have the dynamic clouds of steam that rise up into the atmosphere and are especially powerful in early morning cold days or early evenings. Camille says it's all about the light and I agree with her I am going to go out with my camera every day from now on during lockdown and try to find some sky images that move me. If I fail to find something or if the light is not right I am going to look at my photographic archives. Please watch out for facebook postings at janetkeenartistteacher. Friend me and contribute. Thursday morning or evening photographic personal one on one tuition for beginners. Specialising in Canon Cameras. If you would like to book some tuition time on how to get the most oit of your camera and how to be involved in personal photographic projects give me a call on 0273513887 to discuss your needs. In the meantime Happy photographing and get snapping.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Glenholme School, Rotorua Pop Art Animal Project, using Resene testpots with Janet Keen and Zara Matthews


Thanks to Rotorua Creative Communities for funding that contributed to this project. 

Using Resene Testpots  and good quality brushes each child completed an animal of their choice.  

The results were highly pleasing to pupils and teachers. 

The children were encouraged to think about being kind to animals and conserving endangered animals through poetry writing and poster making. 

The class worked well on a project that required focus, attention to detail and development of brush handling skills, plus colour matching and observation skills. 



 Thanks to Miss Zara for helping to encourage her class to a successful result. 
Thanks to Creative Communities for the funding and to Glenholme School for being so supportive of the arts. 
The message to be kind to animals (and each other) was creatively reinforced.  

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Every child is an artist the challenge is to remain one once you grow up. Picasso