Sunday, October 24, 2010

Healing plants... grow them... eat them...feel the quote Annabel White

I have heaps of herbs in my garden.  They have been an obsession for twenty five years. I companion plant so that I don't have to use any toxic chemicals or unnatural fertilisers. I  have been organic gardening forever, just like Prince Charles and long before it became popular.
I have parsely, mint,  lemon balm (great as a relaxing tea), comfrey (fantastic for adding to water and rotting down for a natural fertiliser), oregano (to add to vegetarian pizza's), sage, rosemary, thyme, feverfew, nastursians, hyssop, catmint...on and on. I often give cuttings away if people visit because to be a good gardner is to be generous and I have received lots of cuttings from other  gardeners in the past.

What is you favourite herb and why?

Creative quote of  the day
All the arts we practise are apprenticeship.The big art is our life.
M.C. Richards


Janet Keen said...

White bells are flooded with memories of being four in my parents garden. Sure that fairies lived underneath and certain that the morepork who hooted nightly in the gully across the road would swoop over the Pussy Willow and cart me off to hell.
I have a morepork who visits every night now and he hoots in the Cedar tree, no thoughts of hell dwell in my garden now.

Anonymous said...

hi janet, i like what you are trying t do with this blog site.
awesome photo of yourself immediately draws you in and demands you explore