Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Magic Moments

To keep me motivated creatively I often listen to Tony Robbins DVDs.
 I regularly do his hour of power morning "pick me up " exercises and usually do his goal setting workshop at the beginning of each year.
 I have been doing this for the past seven years.

At the end of each year I list all the things I want to achieve for the following year and pick the top three that I want to achieve within the next year.

Then I go out and take one small step immediately towards the top three goals that I have identified.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

It is easy if I follow through.

The trick is to follow though.

I intend to follow through fort the next year with the aid of this blog.

It  would be great to do a review a year from now to see I have accomplished.

It would be even better for me if you wrote back to me and told me what you intend to accomplish creatively.

Lets make it into a blog game.

 How about you write to me and tell me what you are going to be doing in the coming year, creatively and tell me NOW?

Goal setting and reviewing help me to keep focused and on track, especially during times of recession, when it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

As Anthony says, take some time out to sit down and focus on all the things you have accomplished during the past year,  and give yourself a  giant pat on the back.

Magic moments...list them...

What was best this year?

What sucked and what can you learn to do differently from these experiences?

What are you committed to next year?

In the following posts I will list my magic moments for you with accompanying artwork and photos.


1. I was thoroughly committed to taking better photos and learning more about photoshop.
2. I bought a new camera, Canon 550 D, I joined the Rotorua Camera Club,
3.I bought Photoshop CS5,
4. I took hundreds of photos.
5. I set up this blog to show my favourites to the world.
6. I went on monthly weekend photographic adventures with members of the club and my husband.
7. I took my camera everywhere.

1.I had some very happy, creative moments,
2.I made some new friends
3. Photography inspired me into acrylic painting production.

It was all good and it's going to be even better in 2011.

 What do you think?

Which ones do you like best? 
                                                                  Turning the Tide


Traveller said...

Nice photos!

Walk in the Woods said...

Best wishes for continued creative exploration and growth! As for the photos, there's no way I could choose one over another - they're all beautiful!

And … Happy Summer to you! :)