Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 14 Milliande Art Journal Challenge...Let's drink Green Tea

 I have  been attending an Introducton to Painting course with Cherie Sayer at Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua  this week.
We have been concentrating on value and tonal work from still life arrangements.

It has been fun to immerse myself in painting again with no distactions.

It's been good to connect with other artists and it has been a challenge.

 I have made this post from a still life that we set up with a teapot, a toy hen and  a rattle which I turned into a mirror for Milliande's mirror art  challenge. .

I put tin foil on the mirror.

Ill be uploading it to the Milliande site soon.

Creativity quote of the day
Tea beckons us to enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones and especially to rediscover the art of relaxed conversation.


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