Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art Journal Pages

I have been steadily plugging away at the art journal pages prompted by Milliande which is an online art community for women. Day 24 is the last one in this series and I am glad that I have stuck with it. I will be posting them in the next week so you can have a look and hopefully comment.

I am wanting to keep on  art journaling because I really love it so I am going to try some art journaling prompts from Willowing.

Watching art videos by Willowing is great. She is pretty positive and quirky.
It will be fun to see how I go.

I am wanting to make my own art making video to post on my blog and U-Tube.
This will be one of my creativity goals for 2011

 Do you have creativity goals? 

Here are some of mine.
 ( Hint, if you want to achieve something you have a greater chance of achieving it if you write it down and also an even greater chance of doing it if you put it somewhere you can view every day.

 I have some of my creativity goals posted on the wall in the loo.

                                                                       The Zebra's Journey
                                                                                 In 2011
                                                       An illustrated Children's Book
                                                                          By Janet Keen

Let's Shine

Let's Grow

Let's Explore


Let's Build Bridges

Let's Exercise

Let's open Windows

Let's sing

Let's make new friends

Let's Fly

Let's Imagine

Let's Smell the Roses


Let's like what we see in the mirror

Let's Face our Fears

Let's travel overseas

Let's co-operate

Let's decorate our homes

Let's eat fruit


Let's protect the fish

Let's be at peace

Let's be grateful

Let's smell fresh country air

                                                                    Let's make art and poetry

                                                And when we manage to do all this in 2011
                                                                      Let's celebrate

                                                              (Image coming soon)

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