Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art and Craft Class Benefits

Did you know that....

1.Going to an arts and craft class can help teach you new techniques and improve skills you are already had.
2. Attending art  and craft classes  can help to improve  your stress levels, and rehabilitation from sicknesses and medical injuries.
 3. Many adults  have used arts and crafts making to reduce stress, it  has worked for people throughout the world.
4. Learning how to draw can reduce stress levels in many ways including distraction, flow, and self care.
5.Art is its own field of therapy.
6. The connecton with other people in the class can be great for making friends and  also for alleviating depression and loneliness.

Why not use art to consider getting in touch with your own feelings?
We all know the happiness of creating something unique by sculpting something with play dough, painting with our hands, or even drawling the different places we have seen.
.Art and craft classes can really help.

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