Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doodling, why do it?

If you buy a hard back A6 visual Dairy and some crayons and coloured pencils plus fine tip black marker you can make something creative in a small amount of time and just because it's for your own amusement it should be fun.

Have a go if you are time poor.
Who can't spare half an hour while sitting in front of the tv?
It's portable,  take it to a cafe have a cup of coffee and do a doodle about coffee cups.
I'm planning to fill mine and on the facing page write some haiku.
I want to be a published writer but I only have time for haiku, writing on my blog, writing letters and writing lessons plans.
I bought some Crayola  Fun Effects Twistables Crayons last week. . 
 They come in a set of funky colours and you can draw over them with felts.
Plus some cheap Glitter paint a set of 12 candy colours from a one of those two dollar shops. 
 I want to try them out in my doodle diary and see what  I  can come up with.

Creative Quotes of the Day

Even if you can't draw, do a little doodle or rip an illustration from a magazine - these visuals will help bring your idea to life.
John Emmerling

I would recommend the short story form, which is a lot harder to write since you have to be so careful with words, until there is plenty of time to doodle through a novel.

Anne McCaffrey

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