Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cherry tree with Tui and more daffodil photos.

 I had a lot of hits on the last daffodil display so here are some more.

I have my favourite places  I go to with my favourite people.

When I come back to my studio to make or teach art, I'm filled with peace. 

Here are some snappy haiku to go with my shots.

                              spring sunlight
                              between us
                             the daffodils

                   his nose  peeks
                  from under a cheery tree
                   daffodils smiling

      his mouth peeks
      from under his moustache
      daffodil tasting

 springs first blooms
 deep in the park
daffodils behind us

early spring breeze
he smiles at me
 so do the daffodils

    bright day
two tui
                the scent of cherry

                                            spring cleaning
                                             new wall paper
                                             tui with cherry

                                   upside down
                                   cherry drinking
                                   the acrobat

                                      bright pink cherry
                                      the colour 
                                      of my new best dress

                                                drifts of yellow
                                                sound of trumpets
                                                herald spring

                           lace on her ballet dress
                           the colour of

warm rain
the daffodils bob
we share an umbrella

journey home
touched by black and white
Tui amongst cherries

 windy walk
we hurry between
swaying cherries

the sound
of  tui
cherry tree blossoms

In the city fields
Contemplating cherry-trees...
Strangers are like friends”
Issa, Japanese Haiku: Two Hundred Twenty Examples of Seventeen-Syllable Poems

Creative quotes of the day  
I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Pablo Neruda
 A relationship isn't going to make me survive. It's the cherry on top.
Jennifer Aniston


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