Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oil Pastel Portrait Art Classes.

                       Princess Alexandra stared out her window to the pond below where her white swan waited    for her to feed him every day at exactly the same time. 
Bring out your inner princess with this fun-filled class that focuses on using your imagination to weave  whimsical fairy tales that will transport you into a world of  wonder.


Princes Margaret married her Prince and they lived happily without a cross word ever passing their lips. She dreamed of owning a little fluffy white dog but her Prince was allergic to dogs barking, so she bought a rabbit instead who was silent.

You will watch videos on how to make a pretty face.
You will have live demos on compositions and colour therory.
You will have lots of portrait books to look at to give you some inspiration
You will get plenty of help.

Princess Lea  gazed at her reflection wondering why she didn't want long hair, a Prince in a castle and a crown  like every other Princess she knew.
 Then she did an online Meyer -Briggs  test and discovered that only 4 percent of people shared her super creative personality which made her feel special.

To be continued, dates and times coming as soon as I've worked them out. 

 Creative Quote of the Day

Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Princess Diana


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