Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazing letter I received after last weeks creativity column I wrote for the Daily Post Weekender.

Kia ora Janet (and Cherie)

Congratulations on your recent column in the Weekender!

I’m sure readers will find your delightful contribution of enthusiasm infused with pragmatic tips most helpful. To be honest, when you introduced me to Vision Boards all those years ago, I was sceptical. But in reading your article just now, I have realised I not only created a Vision ‘Board’ – I’ve created a whole ‘Room’!  

As I look around me, filling every available space in my ‘work-from-home office’ I have stapled inspirational quotes, artwork (including some of yours!),  along with screes of photographic poetry, haiku, waiata and mock ups of the jacket covers of books I am yet to finish writing. I also have  photos of my entrepreneurial heros, together with sales goals and revenue projections and a beautiful mock up of what I originally proposed as NZ’s first ‘Virtual Hotel’ (which is now the ‘Look After Me Homestay Network).

So in looking at my office with fresh eyes, as your article inspired me to do, I realise my Vision ‘Room’ is a friendly marriage between creativity and entrepreneurship. The most startling realisation though, and I can hardly believe this – but this is exactly who I have become! Suddenly I feel so completely different from the scientist at Scion I was just a few years ago and yet the process has been so gradual, I barely noticed till now.

So thank you for pointing out the blinding obvious – I’m not sceptical about Vision Boards anymore and I hope that some of your readers become inspired enough to think about what their dreams and goals are and then get their glue stick or stapler out.

Sadly, I have to leave this little rental house soon… but how joyful I feel now at the prospect of creating a whole new vision board/room, all over again!

With kind regards to you both,
PS – Janet – loved your exhibition in the library, well done! I’m still writing creatively and have started my own blog. Eg. I blogged about that Jesus Christ Superstar show, did you see it? Wasn’t it amazing!? I also wrote an article for Nevaeh recently (Rotorua’s On-line magazine, Heaven spelled backwards) which tells a little of my journey that I suppose must have stemmed from the ‘Vision Board’.

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