Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Novel Writing Month Landscape Photography

Already its the 4th of November and I  am two days behind with  my commitment to write a blog post with photo's every day.

So I'll do three today. 
Here are my favourite shots from the two day Landscape Photographic workshop that I went on last weekend with the Rotorua Camera club and professional Photographer Craig Robertson. 

This is at Waiotapu.
If you take someiIdentification, Rotorua residents can get in for free.
 This is a pretty good service I think.
I would go as soon as it opens up.
 It gets pretty hot out there and make sure you go to the loo begore you go for the walk because its huge and there are no loos out in amongst the geothermal features.

 This lake looks like spearmint icecream.

Very chocolatey
Custady perhaps?

This is my favourite shot I love cracks, it looks like a jigsaw or mosaic
The yellowish green in this peasouper lake is the wierdest colour I have ever seen.
You can't stop looking at it because it looks like it shouldn't be this colour.
It smells very sulphury.

Last Thursday night we finished off the workshop with Craig Robertson with a shoot out at the boardwalk at Lake Okareka.
 I love this boardwalk.
 There are lots of water fowl and beautiful vegetation to look at.
It is so peaceful out there.
 If you haven't been, go this summer, it will fill you with delight for hours.
There is such a cool bird hideout there with a little swallow's nest in it.
You can just sit in there eating something nice like a tangelo and watch all the birds.

           My current obsession is grasses and tree foliage.

                                    Cabbage tree seed heads.

Flax new seedheads

                                   Love these reed colours

        Whispering grass

                                Soft evening light

     More reeds
     Swan manipulated
        Swan raw

     More reeds
                          I t's the texture

       This is my favourite landscape and cabbage tree shot

                      Spider and reed shot

 The middle of the day is the worst.  The light is too flat.

                                               Look at theis gorgeous Toitoi in the setting sun.

 Like a comb
On the boardwalk, this boardwalk goes for quite a long way .
A few joggers  use it after work 
Back lit flaxes are great as are all types of grasses that are overlooked by most people.

Creative Quotes of the day

 Unknown quotes 
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