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Art Art journaling Instructions by Janet Keen Rotorua, New Zealand.

These are the instructions and art materials list for your art journaling workshop which I will be running at Rotorua Arts Village for 6 weeks. 
Starting  next Thursday night 28th February from 6 to 8pm. 
Pay at Rotorua Arts Village and turn up with your art journals and your pva and brushes. 
Plus your gesso and your brush for applying the gesso.

 You will be spending the first week setting all your pages up so they are good to go. 

Materials needed 
Session one. 
Acid free A4 visual diary from a place like Warehouse Stationary.
PVA glue from a $2.00 type of shop. 
Cheap Brush from $2.00 shop. 

Glue every second page together so you have around 29 pages. 
You are gluing them together so that they are stronger and won't buckle so much when you add extra layers put on them.

Session Two: At home or you may get some done in class.
Buy some white gesso from a place like Warehouse Stationery. 
Applying gesso 
Gesso every page. You can speed  drying  up with a hairdryer. 
Try not to let the pages stick together. 

Colouring your pages
Session Three. Equipment needed
Icecream container with water in it. 
Paper Towels
Resene Test pots buy a
bright blue, 
a bright red, 
a bright yellow, 
a black and 
two pots of white. 
A pile of white plastic plates from the Supermarket.
Buy some acrylic brushes from Warehouse Stationery
 a middle size flat brush.

For this journal  
We will be working in pastel tones so you need to add a lot of white to your colours. 

It's important toget at least seven of your backgrounds painted so you aren't freaked out by white space.
You will need one plate per colour. Only mix up one colour at a time.
Do not waste any paint if you have some left over from painting a double page spread.  
Paint more pages with it.

Colouring  your pages. 
You can mix up these combinations. 
 It's up to you.
Mix up a baby blue colour. 
Paint the first page and the two inside two pages with it. 
This is one part colour to two  parts white. 
Half a tsp of colour and two teaspoons of white.
Mix up a light pink, paint the next two pages with it
Mix up a light yellow, paint the next two pages. 
Mix up a light green by mixing a green, a blue and white
Mix up a light orange by mixing yellow, and red, plus white
Mix up a light violet by mixing a red, a blue and white together. 
Coat at least seven pages with pastel colours. 
Note, you will most likely have to wait in between coats or you can speed up with hairdryer. 
Try not to let pages stick together. 

This is the first lot of instructions for the week. 
it looks a lot but it isn't really. 
So stick the pages together so the diary becomes 29 pages 
Gesso these pages.
Paint at least seven of the pages in pastel colours.  

Note you could aways stay at home infront of the tv for the next six weeks.
But it would be way much more fun if you decided to enrol in my visual dairy workshop at Rotorua Arts Village which starts next Thursday night.
You will really be learning at least 6 painting and drawing techniques and instead of making them on canvas you are making a book. So you don't have to show anyone your work if you don't want to. 
It's easy peasy. 

 If you don't enrol in my  class and try to go it alone you probably won't complete it.
It's  way more fun to work together and with a teacher like me so that can help you.
Invest in yourself.  
Make the decision now to go for it. 

2nd Thursday. You should be coming to class with all your pages stuck together, so they are 29 
All your pages gessoed
At least seven of your pages painted in pastel colours. 
I will show you  in class my example so you know exactly what we are doing. 
Remember you can always ring me on 346-3435 or email on during the week, if you are having challenges.
 I  am here to help you.
 Nothing is too much trouble to me. 
No question too elementary. 
 Just ask away and we will fly together. 

Why don't you bring a friend?
 Do it together. 
It will be way more fun. 
You will make friends in this class because foster a helpful, class climate where we are here to work together in a non- competitive environment. 

 It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual. Allen Klein

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