Friday, August 16, 2013

ESOL Students, Art in an hour in Rotorua by Janet Keen

I taught an  art lesson with a Japanese ESOL student, Hinako, who was at John Paul College for a short while.
She is a friend of my regular after school art pupil Momoko. 
She came to the studio for an hour last Tuesday and needed to make something  in one lesson, because she was returning home to Japan at the end of the week. 

So I let her decorate a flower I already had cut out of MDF.
She painted it first with two coats of Resene Metallics in a pink which is called Enchanted.
She then put a variety of beads and buttons and old New Zealand coins I  had with a  plastic Tiki in the middle with glue. 
I got her to copy out a label which said Flower of Fortune from New Zealand, which I wrote in English for her.
She will be able to go back home and show them what she made. 
This idea could spread to the whole of Japan and I would have a studio over flowing with Japanese art students which would suit me well because they are very artistic and a pleasure to teach.
Momoko is working on a mosaic cat, which takes a lot longer to do.

 Reporoa College student Sarah is in the same after school art class as Momoko and she had made a heart  the week  before using this colour scheme with  pink metallic paint.
So it was nice that Sarah's idea was honoured. 

If you would like to enrol your child in my after school painting and mosaic classes please ring 346-3435
The cost is $25.00 per hour, per student including most materials, if they are coming weekly. 
If it's a one off the cost is $30.00 per hour per person.

Email  Classes run every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after school and every morning for ESOL adult  students. 

I am also running art and creativity classes for special needs students during the day. 
Group and individual enquiries welcome. 

Creative Quote of the week. 
 Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”
Eileen Miller

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