Sunday, December 22, 2013


 As I write my poetry and blog, this is the view that I have from our Country club Villas in Launceston.

 It's a golf course and it goes for miles.

 It is a home of many birds.

So far I've counted magpies, plovers, ducks (white, mallard and grey), miners, lorikeets, Tazzie native hens, swallows, a kookaburra, cockatoos and  crows.
Plus many rabbits and one kangaroo.


Magpie coming for bread I've laid out

Loving the bread

Miner  twins

Looking into the unit wanting more bread





It's so peaceful which is conducive to creativity.

So green and beautiful.
The Tasmanian people are friendly.
The water is really soft and it makes your hair and skin feel fluffy.

We went for breakfast up to Links Restaurant which is part of a casino and part also of this complex.
The buffet breakfast was varied with lots to choose from and one of the nicest I have had. The view was of a lake, trees and a large  series of fountains.
 It was bordering on luxurious. I felt like a high roller.
 I'm tempted to go back tomorrow morning

The weather as I predicted is coldish and rainy.
But we didn't come for that and it's why I have always refused to come here in winter.
It's  bad enough putting up with the cold in Rotorua,
 let alone having your mid year holiday full of it and it's why we often go to Ivory Palms in Noosaville Queensland in July/August.

We came for the nature experience, adventuring and the bird and animal photography.
There is so much to do you'd need at least 6 weeks to cover it.
We are going to do as much as we can because we have a hire car but we don't want to be racing around exhausting ourselves so it's going to be quite relaxed.

There is a pool and a spa in the complex so we can get some  extra exercise and relaxation at the same time.
The room is really cozy.
Painted yellow which induces a sunny disposition.
 It has a TV in the bedroom, a nice big bathroom and kitchenette where we can cook dinners etc.
It has a double bed that you can roll down in the living areas and a bigger TV .
So things are really comfortable the heating comes down all the time so it's not cold.


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