Monday, March 10, 2014

Kids Birthday Party Photographs, Rotorua, New Zealand, Janet Keen

It was so much fun. 
The theme was African Safari. 
The cake was an incredible work of art and looked so yummy with all the amazing lollipops and animals surrounding it. 
Just look at the icing, it was all just too good to eat.  

I wanted a collection like this so much. 
They are quite hard to find now. 
I used to have a big collection ages ago when I lived in Kawaha Point but I must have lost them when I sold my house. 

 Treasure hunt all over the section and house. The advantage of being invited by the person whose birthday party is is that you can be one of the kids and you have way more fun. 
It's a chance to get right into their world and let your hair down.
 I loved it.
Everyone was a winner in this game because the prize which was a huge bag of lollies was shared out amongst everyone 
Kids were allowed to draw on wondows with special removable glass felts. 
What a neat thing to do, isnt it every kids dream to write and draw  on windows? 

 What a great way to be expressive

Heaps of arty ones.
 The pinniata game was so much fun.
I had never seen this before except in Mexican programmes. 
People all line up for a turn. They are blindfolded and given a stick

Then they wack it and eventually all the lollies fall out on the ground. The lollies are all put in a pile and shared out because we don't encouarge fighting over lolly scrambles. This is fair I think. 
As a kid I always missed out on lolly scrambles as other kids were faster. 
The food was delicious.
 It was Nanchos with mince and sauce and cheerio's (mini savaloys) salad and sparkling grape juice. 
It was pretty nice tasting and the kids loved it. 
 I sat at the table with them and had some cool conversations. 
All of the kids were so welcoming and friendly

It was a gorgeous summers evening with a nice view over a Rotorua tree clad suburb

 Lots of candles to blow out. 

Blowing out the cake

Look at the gorgeous cake and those fruit and marshmelow fish kebabs were pretty clever and tasty. 
They also had home made jelly and  some strawberry icecream.

 The cocktail umbrellas were a nice sophisticated touch.

There were costumes for dressing up which were fun.


I was very lucky to be invited. It was a great photo opportunity and a really cool time. 
I hope some of my other art students will invite me to their parties. 
I have already been invited to my friends twin boys party at Playtopia in a couple of weeks so it will be fun taking the shots for that as well.

Kids Creative Birthday Parties at Janet Keen Mosaic and Painting School
374 Clayton Road., Rotorua
Come along and make a mosaic  or a painting.
Minimum number 4 maximum 12.
$25.00 per hour per student
Phone 07 346-3435

Creative Quote of the Week 
 The way I see it, you should live every day as though it's your birthday, Paris Hilton.

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