Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to me for April 11th

Hello I have just finished my birthday and I had a great day.
I slept in until around 10am
My husband went to work and wished me a Happy Birthday before he left.
 He gave me a desk top computer and also loaded some software onto it for me, which was very kind.

I slept in and got up around 10am. I had a shower and read the paper until 12 noon.
I cooked myself 12 Bluff oysters and had them with 2 pieces of vogels toast and some soda water.

I then went to the supermarket and bought some lollies, chocolates, sparkling grape juice, crackers chips and ginger kisses plus candles and balloons and bubbles for a kids birthday party.

I went to my studio, tidied the working desks up.
Then started spreading out the kids birthday things on the table.
Anneke came and helped me blow up the balloons and set everything out.
Then Ryan and Cecily came.

I let them all have something to eat and then we got into our artwork.
 They made me some birthday artwork and did some of their own.

Annekes father came along with Oscar his son and we all had something to eat and drink.

My friend Jing came as well and gave me a lovely diary.
I didn't eat many lollies and I had a few chips, the adults didn't eat much but the kids got stuck in and little Cecily said it was the best birthday party she had been to.
How cute.

Jing and I went to Kawaha Point and she bought Sushi.
I took a few photos.
It  was nice to be out in the open air with the sunset in a beautiful location.

I came home and opened the card from Graham.

I cooked him a baked potato and warmed up some  Coq Au Vin chicken from the night before.

We drank some really nice expensive wine ( $25.00 per bottle)
I watched coronation Street but fell asleep.
I woke up
watched reruns of it
I then spent the night on facebook celebrating with people who wished me a Happy Birthday.

it was great. I am happy, so happy.

Creative Quote of the day 
God gave us the gift of life. it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well. Volitaire.

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ArteAtivaMente said...

Dear Janet! Happy Birthday to you! I was so surprised because I follow your blog, I love your posts and work and I admire you even more because my birthday is also April 11th! Take care, Claudia