Monday, April 24, 2017

Impressions of Whakarewarewa Forest Rotorua new Zealand

                                                    Forest bathing is great for health
                                       Spiritual, mental, emotional , physical and psychological
                                    Take a walk with a friend for safety and just wander without talking
 Drink in the fresh air, smells, sounds of birds, rustling of leaves and listen to what the trees are telling you
 There you can find clues to your questions and dreams as long as you listen and take note of what pops into your mind.
The key to my serenity and creativity is to keep on taking photos, making art and writing.
The process is healing and it's not too important to worry about the end result because it's all about discovery and being open to making mistakes.
Stay in the present and listen to your intuition. rest, relax and recharge and you will feel more centred.

Mosaic, painting, photography and drawing lessons Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings for adults. Afternoons for Children and young adults.

Start of continue your creative journey today.
Have just one go and see how you go.

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Creative Quote.
The beginning of a journey starts with the first step.

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