Monday, February 19, 2018

Mindfulness exercise for peace and fun. View from my front gate

Manipulated photos to look like abstract impressionist studies.

Take your camera out to your front gate.

Like A kaleidoscope

What do you see?

In Photoshop you can manipulate anything to look like anything you want.
It can be deliberate or random
What are the photos you choose saying about the way you view your world?

Creativity like this helps keep you in the moment.
 It doesn't matter what your view at your front gate is, you can make it look intriguing.

It is a great way to be mindful
 It's a matter of being grateful for what you have in the now and looking at what promises it provides instead of always hankering after something better.

Transportation into another world or realm.
Being grateful and focusing on the positive brings at your very doorstep brings  a kaleidoscope of possibilities to the fore.
Painting, photography and mosaic lessons available.
Rotorua,  New Zealand.
Email for a schedule.
Send me your altered front gate views.
I love to receive feedback.
Creative Quote of the day  
Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite, it actually takes guts.
Perma Chodron

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