Thursday, February 1, 2018

Palmers Garden World Rotorua For Interior design accessories.

I always love going to Palmers in  Sala Street,  Rotorua because their shop is so professionally and stylishly merchandised.
Just entering into the home décor area makes me gasp with pleasure.
Beautiful items to transform your home are sorted into colour waves and everything flows so invitingly.
It makes choosing something for yourself or as a gift so easy.
 Your mind keeps going; I'd like that and that and that and that.

At the moment I am giving my home an interior  facelift so I am especially interested in artificial flowers and cushions.
Taking photographs of these in Palmers was an exercise in  composition. 
How do you get the objects to look like they have come out of a House and Garden magazine? 
 It's a real learning curve for me and has me analysing magazines for styling tips at least once a day.

The artificial flowers are so well made these days, it's hard to tell them apart from the real thing isn't it?



I have taken some photos of  artificial flowers in my bedroom and  lounge.
 I have two vases of them in the kitchen, one vase in the lounge and one in my art studio.
The ones next to my bed have a few drops of lavender essential oil splashed on them occasionally to help relax and send us to sleep.
Flowers with lavendar essential oils in our  bedroom

Does it work?
Ask my snoring husband and purring cat

Jasper the sleepy pussycat who always comes when I call him. 
Adorable boy. 
His nickname is couch potato.
 I replaced the old throws which were shredded in places with new sage green ones and hes been told to keep his paws off.

Cushions and throw rugs are  interior accessories that I think are essential  for a cozy, snuggly  home.  
They provide texture. comfort and pops of colour. 
I have used them for the past thirty years and it appears they are zooming back into fashion.  
Minimalism is out yay, lets cover the walls.
My style has always been eclectic with an emphasis on original paintings; either  mine or ones I have collected from galleries. 
 The boy manniquin's name is David.
 I like to have a touch of the bizarre or quirky to add curiosity.

This adorable fox cushion bought from Palmers goes perfectly with the green, cream and burnt orange  of the artworks I have on the walls. 
 It makes me smile every time I go past it and  I figure this must be good for health. 

Creative Quote of the Day. 
There is beauty all around when there is love at home. 

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