Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What am I doing creatively today and what are you doing?

One of the best things for my creativity is to spend some time doing arty activities with children. Their take on the world is fresh and clean and their words keep me smiling for hours after they have gone. Words like "I don't like going to school, kids pick on me, coming to your art class is my  favourite time of the week," make me feel like I want to wrap them up in cotton wool.

I love it when they leave after a lesson clutching their latest mosaic or painting as if it were a million dollar lotto ticket.  I love it even more when their parents tell me they have hung their latest masterpiece  up behind the lounge suite. What an honour for a kid to have their creativity displayed without worrying whether it matches the decor.

What did I do creatively today?
I sat down in the quiet with a freshly made vegetable and fruit drink in the sun on my deck overlooking the mini jungle and thought about the process I am going to use to produce the paintings for all these art exhibitions that are looming. I thought about further tidying of my studio and it made me feel like having a headache, so I had a nap. Power naps are great for generating ideas.

I am also thinking about the outline of my next 50,000 word novel that I am going to crank out next month. 1666 words a day amounts to a huge splurge and even though it will probably be unpublishable it will be cathartic. I have asked a friend of mine if I can base one of my main characters on his personality but I haven't heard back yet. I have chosen him because I think he is mysterious.

Creativity quote of the day
 "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Anais Nin.

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Jaci said...

Hi Janet, this is a wonderful blog - colourful and interesting. You sound so happy and relaxed in your world. Have fun with your art exhibitions and book writing - you are certainly teaching that doing the things one loves to do is the key to life.
Bless You with Happy Smilz from Jaci :)

Janet Keen said...

Hi Jaci, What a lovely comment. How is your happiness club going in Thames and your writing?