Friday, October 22, 2010

What am I doing creatively today?

It's a gorgeous day today so I am gardening.
I have fed the birds with rice, lard, birdseed and bread.
Everyone is having a feast to celebrate Spring. Did you know that some religions believe that to feed the birds is the same as praying and having a direct line to God. I'd much rather feed the birds than attend church, birds don't require you to read the bible.

Birds are great at eating unwanted bugs in your garden so you don't have to put pesticides on your plants. They are essential for pollinating fejoia's.

Today my territorial orange beeked blackbird ( Hano) hopped close to my feet as I planted out some cuttings that I had propogated during the winter. Propoagating your own plants is creative, it saves you money and makes you feel like you are a mother (hen).

I took some photo's of some of my spring flowers and manipulated them in Photoshop.
I invented some Haiku to go with them and will post on this blog.

I'll include latest shots of the wood pigeon (kereru) duo who always visit my garden for willow buds this time of the year.

What you are doing today for yourself creatively? I'd love hear

Quote for the day: "Creative work is play, it is free speculation using the materials of one's chosen form" Stephen Nachmanovitch


Kirsten Cliff said...

Love your quote of the day! And I also found this very interesting, "...that some religions believe that to feed the birds is the same as praying and having a direct line to God."

Creatively today I have been completing another collage. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I am learning, through experience, to go with what my heart wants, not what my head might think is best.

Janet Keen said...

yes Kirsten it's great to delve into the subconscious with art.Taking whatever comes out and accepting it without endlessly editing can be very cathartic and is what I believe to be the essence of creativity.Switching off that little negative voice of perfectionism and discontent while artmaking is as good as meditating. Some people believe that if you move into the zone you become a a conductor from a universal pool of energy that filters through your hands and onto the page. It's rather like when you move into the zone with your writing. I have read where a number of authors say that the book just wrote itself. This is some zone that I want to be a part of. Art making can help you move into this zone.

Kirsten Cliff said...

Yes, I agree. I'm reading an excellent book at the moment, 'Art is a Way of Knowing: A guide to self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through creativity' by Pat B. Allen. I love reading books where the author's personal story is told alongside practical instructions. I'm learning so much from this book and highly recommend it.

Janet Keen said...

Hi Kirsten nice comment.

Have you read Steve Braunias book How to Watch a bird?
I've just finished reading it for the second time. His personal stories are often woven in. He is a sensitive, poetic and poignant writer

During a weekend workshop run by Joan Rosier Jones I said that I would really like to write as well as Emily Perkins and Steve Braunais.

Her reply was. "You have a unique voice of your own Janet. Just keep writing and don't worry about trying to be like anyone else."
She missed my point. I don't want to copy them I want to be able to bring a sense of poignancy and subtety with layered meanings into my writing. I don't want to hit everyone over the head with the hammer of obviousness.

I equate learning to write with learning to paint well. There is nothing wrong with saturating yourself within the works of artists you admire. Sometimes something magical attaches itself to your own work.

Reading is as important as writing.

What did you get up to today?

Kirsten Cliff said...

I haven't read that book. Thanks for the recommendation, Janet.

Cameron and I had lunch at a garden centre today. Lovely to sit in the sun with greenery all around us and eat good food coupled with good coversation.